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Our Solutions are aimed at improving the performance of your IT System hence enhancing the efficiency of your resources. We understand your needs and therefore offer affordable and appropriate solutions as you grow. With our functional and technical expertise combined with hands-on experience of our support team, we ensure that our clients receive the most effective, professional and exceptional service.

We offer a Number of services ensuring that all your IT needs are covered as Illustrated Below.

IT Logic offers technical support to small enterprises like Start ups, SMEs already in business, and Internet Cafes. We offer the following;

  • Computer repairs
  • Software and hardware maintenance
  • Networking
  • Backup solutions
  • System Analysis & Cyber Security

This support goes to Medium Enterprise businesses that are in existence, but due to financial constraints, choose to adapt Linux environment. We offer the following;.

  • Office Networking
  • Computer Repairs and Maintenance
  • Backup Solutions
  • Server Builds basing on Linux
  • Mail Solutions basing on Linux
  • Firewall Solutions basing on Linux
  • Linux Ticketing Solutions
  • System Analysis and Cyber Security

IT Logic offers support to Medium enterprises that are already established in the business world in:

  • Office Networking
  • Computer Repairs and Maintenance
  • Backup Solutions
  • Server Builds basing on Windows Server
  • Mail Solutions Windows Server
  • System Analysis and Cyber Security

IT Logic offers consultancy in the IT Field to any company whether: Small, Medium and NGOs. We do forensic audit on your network, find loop holes and give advice on how best you can use IT to improve on your business. Besides this, we also offer temporary stafng incase a client needs full time IT Support.

With the advancement in technology, businesses are now adapting to cloud computing. We therefore, recommend Cloud Services to clients basing on their need;

  • Cloud Solutions. (Support for O365, Azure)
  • Website Designing and Maintenance
  • Database setup and management
  • System Analysis and Cyber Security

As the name states “starter”, I –Wuk starter is a training course for computer starters. Successful applicants who enroll for this course are given basic knowledge on computing in;

  • Computer Basics and evaluation.
  • Document processing (MS Office Word, Open Office)
  • Spreadsheets ( MS Excel and Open Office)
  • Presentation tools ( PPT and Open Office)
  • Internet and Web Applications.
  • Email and Calendaring
  • Security Basics

At the end of this course participants can comfortably do secretarial work

This is an intermediate training program that involves the following course units;

  • Hardware part Identification.
  • Software Installations
  • Preventive Maintenance (Software & Hardware)
  • Computer Repairs
  • Network Planning & Layout.
  • Routers & Switches

At the end of this course the student can comfortably set up an internet cafe, do computer repair and networking jobs.

This is the core of a more advanced computer course where someone is taught Server Setup and Management based on Windows or Linux. Course units include:

  • Windows Server Installations.
  • DNS, Print service and DHCP configuration
  • DFS, File sharing and permissions
  • Group policy
  • Microsoft exchange services
  • VPN etc.


We are a quality results based entity, and these achievements are our assurance of the value we add to you.

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Our Billing System

We have a flexible and affordable billing system that will suit you as described below.

Postpaid Billing

Flexible / month

  • Where we tailor a flat rate per month that covers everything from computers, Networks and Servers. The total cost comes with a bargain depending on the size of your IT infrastructure.

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Prepaid Billing

$45 / hr

  • Where you purchase support hours which are deducted upon each visit or call. This rate is subject to discount according to the total hours paid for.

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Spot Billing


  • This is offered to our walk-in clients or individuals that don’t require as much support as Companies and Organizations. Prices depend on the nature of work done (repair, networking, training, etc.)

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